Greg Norman's Boat

These were sent to me as "Pictures of Greg Norman's boat"

1-Bridge .jpg (109270 bytes)
The Bridge

2-Main_Salon.jpg (160331 bytes)
Main Salon

3-Dining_Salon .jpg (144247 bytes)
Dining Salon

4-Cinema .jpg (128971 bytes)

This one:

5-Aft_Dining2.jpg (185208 bytes)
Aft Dining

Has "AR" on the bulkhead to the right.  Really threw me.  Should be "GN" neh?  Debby says Greg Norman's 212-foot yacht is called "Aussie Rules" and my old buddy Nate, a great golfer, who spent three years in Australia upgrading the Royal Australian Navy's software says,

"I can confirm that it is, in fact Greg Norman's yacht, it's called 'Aussie Rules' after their style of 'football'.  It was a regular in Freemantle; Perth's harbor on the Swan River.  The Perth Swans held their aftergame celebrations at a 'pub' with a dock and the 'Aussie Rules' was occasionally there.  Mystery solved, no charge."

Thanks Nate!  Next pint's on me!! 

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