Scary Wines I

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Wed. eve. 30 Oct 2002

Wines you were afraid to open while alone and in the dark!


Cathy's & Brad's
Long Beach, CA

The Wine List

2000 Chateau Montelena, Napa, Chardonnay
1987 Murphy-Goode Alexander Vly, Premier Vyd, Cab Sauv
1994 Robert Mondavi Reserve, Napa, Pinot Noir
1998 Outpost, Howell Mtn., Napa, Zinfandel
1998 Schrader, Gaudeamus Vyd Upper Block, Napa, Btl #1752, Cab Sauv
1998 Snowden, Lost Vineyard, Napa, Cab Sauv
1999 Newton, Napa, Cab Sauv
2000 St. Clement, Oroppas, Napa, meritage

1983 Meursault
19xx Passion Chablis Hawaii
2000 Steltzner Savignon Blanc

1972 Robert Mondavi cab sauv
1973 Mirassou Petite Sirah
1980 Laurel Glen cab sauv
1980 Ruffino Chianti Classico Reserva
1985 Bosquet des Papes CdP
1985 Heitz Bella Oaks
1985 Storybook Reserve zinfandel
1986 Storybook Reserve zinfandel
1986 Ahlgren cab sauv
1986 Lyeth meritage
1988 Wild Horse Santa Barbara Cnty pinot noir
1995 Robert Craig cab sauv
1995 Stag's Leap cab sauv
1997 A. Rafanelli cab sauv

Bonny Doon Vin de Glaciere
Chalk Hill Late Harvest Semillon

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Attendees:   Cathy, Brad, Debby, Dan, Gail, Dave L., Paul, Nancy, Terry, Patty, A. David

A. David's Wine Tasting Rating 8
Not sure how a wine tasting composed of a couple of dumpers got an 8!  Must have been the food pairing.

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Faux Caviar & Salmon Mousse

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B&C want to make this an annual event!
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Okay for me!!!
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