Monday Club
Mon. eve. 17 Jan 2000
Host Dave Larsen at Cafe Camellia

88 Dom Perignon

89 Ch. Montelena chardonnay
90 Ch. Montelena chardonnay
91 Ch. Montelena chardonnay

84 Shafer Hillside Select
84 Shafer Napa Vly
84 Dunn Howell Mtn.
84 Dunn Napa Vly
84 Silver Oak Alexander Vly
84 Silver Oak Napa Vly

90 Veritas Tokay Barossa Vly
96 Quartes du Charmes

89 Ch. Montelena preferred among chards

84 Shafer Hillside Select was overwhelming favorite followed by
84 Silver Oak Alexander Vly
84 Dunn Howell Mtn.

Attendees:  Dave, Kate, Rick, Debbie, Brad, Cathy, Dan, Debby, Larry, A. David

My tasting rating (0-10):  9

Notes:  Paid FULL corkage fee in spite of prior notice.  Jeannes & Richard not there and Chad uncooperative.  No spitters, all wines very good.  Both dessert wines excellent!