Friends Of Bacchus

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Wed. eve. 18 Sept 2002
A Members-Only FoB to induct Larry as member #5


LA Bistro Cafe
(Formerly known as LA Chef, now under new ownership.)
Southgate, CA

The Wine List

2000 Chateau Montelena, Napa, Chardonnay
1987 Murphy-Goode Alexander Vly, Premier Vyd, Cab Sauv
1994 Robert Mondavi Reserve, Napa, Pinot Noir
1998 Outpost, Howell Mtn., Napa, Zinfandel
1998 Schrader, Gaudeamus Vyd Upper Block, Napa, Btl #1752, Cab Sauv
1998 Snowden, Lost Vineyard, Napa, Cab Sauv
1999 Newton, Napa, Cab Sauv
2000 St. Clement, Oroppas, Napa, meritage

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Attendees:   Dan, Larry, Dave L., A. David

A. David's Wine Tasting Rating 8

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Now Larry has to put in an even
better performance!
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