Friends Of Bacchus


 19 Feb 2001

Host:  A. David & Larry with Meritage at 


Buggy Whip

7420 La Tijera Blvd..
Westchester, CA
(310) 645-7131

Wine List & Notes

served by Betty

Attendees:   Klaus, Dale, Dave L., Mark, Tammi, Kimba, Larry, Dan, Debby, Brad, A. David


My tasting rating (0-10):  8


By your vote for top three:

1st :  97 Joseph Phelps Insignia

2nd:  96 Ch. St. Jean Cinq Cepages

3rd:  97 Flora Springs Trilogy

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I can't believe I forgot my digicam!
The photos are in the hands of Larry; he of the elephantine thumbs.
BuggyWhip002_00a.jpg (46428 bytes) BuggyWhip004_1a.jpg (53836 bytes) BuggyWhip005_2a.jpg (45485 bytes)
BuggyWhip006_3a.jpg (65114 bytes) BuggyWhip007_4a.jpg (62439 bytes) BuggyWhip008_5a.jpg (41800 bytes) BuggyWhip009_6a.jpg (51676 bytes)
BuggyWhip010_7a.jpg (54333 bytes) BuggyWhip011_8a.jpg (55897 bytes)

Not Tammi's hand.. BuggyWhip003_0a.jpg (41703 bytes) That's Mark's hand
behind his own head!  Sic Semper Clowns!!

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