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Sat. eve. 26 July 2001

Steltzner at Debby & Dan's 


98 Beringer Sbragia Limited Release Napa chardonnay
85 Steltzner Napa cabernet sauvignon
86 Steltzner Napa cabernet sauvignon
87 Steltzner Napa cabernet sauvignon
90 Steltzner Napa cabernet sauvignon
95 Steltzner Napa cabernet sauvignon
Beringer Nightingale

Attendees:   Debby, Dan, Jan, Peter, Suzanne, Dr. Joel, A. David

My tasting rating (0-10):  8

What a great time!

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I expected to take more pix while hanging pictures, but we never
got around to hanging pictures!  Just as well, after 6 bottles of
killer wine, they would have all ended up cockeyed.  I'm missing
about 7 pix too.  Guess I'll have to go back and take some pix.

Steltzner27Jul01-b-001f.jpg (38356 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-b-002f.jpg (39921 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-b-003f.jpg (30636 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-b-004f.jpg (30837 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-b-005f.jpg (40473 bytes)

Steltzner27Jul01-b-006f.jpg (63864 bytes)
Shadow, Peter's soul mate when Jan's not around.

Steltzner27Jul01-c-001f.jpg (32047 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-c-002f.jpg (47019 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-c-003f.jpg (44627 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-c-004f.jpg (32311 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-c-005f.jpg (24457 bytes)

Steltzner27Jul01-c-006f.jpg (30807 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-c-007f.jpg (31248 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-d-001f.jpg (47950 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-d-002f.jpg (54946 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-d-003f.jpg (51313 bytes)

Steltzner27Jul01-d-004f.jpg (50037 bytes)

Steltzner27Jul01-d-005f.jpg (33811 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-d-006f.jpg (31658 bytes)

 Steltzner27Jul01-e-001f.jpg (59028 bytes) 
Steltzner27Jul01-e-002f.jpg (31285 bytes)
Steltzner27Jul01-e-003f.jpg (55624 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-e-004f.jpg (47012 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-e-005f.jpg (47121 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-e-006f.jpg (55200 bytes)
Steltzner27Jul01-a-005f.jpg (38602 bytes)
Steltzner27Jul01-a-004f.jpg (32175 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-a-003f.jpg (37229 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-a-002f.jpg (29609 bytes) Steltzner27Jul01-a-001f.jpg (44006 bytes)

Let's see, what Bistango_26_Jun-019f.jpg (39845 bytes) did I miss this time?