3rd Anniversary of ???

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Saturday 26 April 2003
Château Jenise & Bob
Huntington Beach, CA

Wine List
(All Magnums unless otherwise noted)

Perrier-Jouët, Champagne
'91 Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard, Cab Sauv
'92 Lytton Springs, Sonoma Zinfandel
'92 Ridge, Lytton Springs Zinfandel
'94 Roda I, Reserva Rioja
'96 Mondavi, Wood B. Ridge, Calif. Zinfandel
'97 Turnbull, Cab Sauv Napa
'98 Karl Lawrence, Cab Sauv Napa
'98 Mulderbosch, Alpha Centauri 
'99 Dom. Moulin-Tacussel, Châteauneuf-du-Pape
'99 Miner, Napa Merlot
'85 Fonseca Port
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Menu (per Jenise)

Appetizers: (I'm opening some champagne)
Explorateur triple-cream cheese
Slow-roasted red trout with chopped Meyer lemon relish
Onion crackers

Buffet dinner: (I'm opening a 95 Viader)
Jay's smoked pork shoulder w/ Jenise's bourbon sauce
Corn meal crusted herb-and-wine chicken wings
Baked beans (a gratin of French white beans with herbs and parma ham)
Cabbage and peanut slaw
Tart and spicy jalapeno, potato and celery salad
Sliced tomatoes with oregano and mustard
Homemade beer bread

Dessert: (I'm opening an old port)
Chocolate-chip applesauce cookies


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Attendees:  Jenise, Bob, Chiara, Andre, Becky, Marianne, Sid, Eric, Jay, Kriss, Jim, A. David

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A Most Enjoyable Evening!

Any comments or problems

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A. David Chan